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Royal Enfield Hunter 350 price and review

Light, deft and fun — the Hunter 350 isn’t your standard Royal Enfield. While it gets a similar 349cc motor as the Meteor and the Classic, the Hunter 350 is the lightest Royal Enfield bike (181 kg), the most reasonable (Rs 1.49 lakh), has the littlest wheels (17-inch), and the least seat level (790 mm).



  • Prices for the RE Hunter 350 at Rs. 1,49,900 (Ex-showroom)
  • Prices for the RE Hunter 350 at Rs. 1,49,900 (Ex-showroom)

    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Specifications

    Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Engine: 349cc petrol
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Power: 20.2 bhp
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Torque: 27 Nm
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Top speed: 114 km/h
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Fuel economy: 36.2 km/litre
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Weight: 181 kg
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Fuel tank: 13 litres
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Seat height: 800 mm
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Ground clearance: 150.5 mm
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Tyres: 17-inch tubeless
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Gears: Five
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Brakes: Both disc (300 mm, 270 mm)
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Price: Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 1.69 lakh (ex-showroom)


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Design and Features

Presented across two variations, the new Hunter 350 looks encouraging. It looks energetic, minimal and with the more modest 17-inch wheels, it looks ready and prepared to run. It actually has a retro-enlivened outline, however there’s more smidgen of current contacts, than exemplary plan components of Royal Enfield’s other 350 cc models. The round front light is a clear retro touch, yet it’s halogen, and the turn markers are bulb type. The tail segment with the short back bumper gives it a lively touch, and the taillight is LED, on the top-spec Metro variation. It additionally gets amalgam wheels with tubeless tires, and double channel ABS.

The single-case instrument console is fundamental, yet covers generally important data. The Tripper route case with Bluetooth availability is a discretionary extra.

The single-case instrument console has a little computerized screen with the fundamental essential read-outs, however the Tripper route unit is a discretionary extra. There’s likewise a convenient USB charging point to charge gadgets in a hurry. By and large form quality is great, and there is by all accounts some consideration given to put-togetherness. It makes for a pausing dramatically from all points.

There is a ling rundown of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories to customize the new Hunter, including the Make-it-Yours configurator.

Furthermore, for those hoping to customize their bicycles, there are two subjects and 26 distinct assistants to browse, including crash monitors, traveler back rest, baggage, various seats and even bar-end mirrors. The general mix of six unique tones across the Dapper and Rebel manages, and the single-tone variety choices with wire-spoked wheels on the base Retro variation, offers a great deal of decisions.

The Hunter 350 has a similar J-series 350 cc motor, however it’s been remapped with various fuelling and start

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Motor and Performance

Get moving, and the Hunter 350 feels planted, lithe and light on its feet. The motor is a similar 349 cc, J-stage unit imparted to the Classic 350 and the Meteor 350, however it’s been remapped, with various fuelling and start, to offer what Royal Enfield says is a marginally crisper choke reaction. In numbers, the result continues as before, with the single-chamber, two-valve motor putting out 20.2 bhp at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm of pinnacle force at 4,000 rpm. Be that as it may, with the rough note from the squat exhaust, it feels vivacious and energetic.

The Hunter 350 is best delighted in riding the rush of force, as opposed to pursuing the redline, or through and through speed increase.

It’s as yet not an exceptionally high-firing up motor, so in the event that it’s through and through speed increase and top-end execution one is searching for, the Hunter 350 may not be the best decision. It’s appreciated best riding the flood of force, as opposed to pursuing the redline in each stuff. It’s casual in the 70-80 kmph range, yet it will serenely do 110-115 kmph, with practically no strain felt from the motor. Past 90 kmph, you truly do feel some minor buzz in the footpegs and the seat, yet not really disturbing, or frustrating. The Hunter 350 is best delighted in as a casual road bicycle, and for somebody searching for that sort of riding, it offers nearly everything.

The minimal size, light weight and sharp controlling calculation considers the Hunter 350 to be a flickable bike.

Royal Enfield price in India / royal enfield hunter 350 price in india

royal enfield price in Bengaluru Karnataka starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Hyderabad Telangana starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Pune Maharashtra starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Chennai Tamil Nadu starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price New Delhi Delhi starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Cuttack Odisha starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Coimbatore Tamil Nadu starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Kolkata West Bengal starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.
royal enfield price Maharashtra starts at Rs. 1,49,900 and goes upto Rs. 1,66,319.


royal enfield hunter 350
royal enfield hunter 350

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Royal Enfield Hunter 350  Ride and Handling

The motor might be imparted to its different kin, yet the Hunter 350 is another cruiser by its own doing. The 790 mm seat level, more modest 17-inch wheels, more honed guiding math and light weight (an entire 14 kg lighter than the Classic 350) causes it to feel reduced, light and simple to ride; characteristics that will unquestionably be valued by both new riders, and riders hoping to update from, say, a more modest 150 cc cruiser.

The Hunter 350 is maybe one of the most light-footed, and sharp-taking care of bikes in the Royal Enfield family.

The 1,370 mm wheelbase is 20 mm more limited than the Classic 350, and the rider footpegs have been moved back by 100 mm to give it a fairly energetic riding position. The wide handlebar offers generally excellent influence, and the general rider triangle offers an agreeable and simple spot to be.

Across the city, our last objective for the night is to encounter the Hunter’s nimbleness and dealing with on a tight go-kart track. The surface is to some degree smooth, and deciding to be protected than sorry, we let the Hunter 350 free! Its light weight, minimal size and deftness is promptly clear.

Investigating the Royal Enfield Hunter 350’s taking care of and nimbleness on a go-kart track was an engaging encounter!

While it’s no sportbike, the Hunter 350 unquestionably intrigues with its street habits and flickability. Maybe with stickier and more exceptional tires, the Hunter 350 will hold far better, however not that the Ceat Zoom XL tires had any less grasp or deal any less certainty, or loss of foothold without any problem.

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 surely intrigues with its street habits. The body, alongside its conservative size, sharp directing math and short wheelbase makes it spry. Maybe somewhat more execution would have made it an incredible bundle.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Cost and Variants

Costs start from Rs. 1,49,900 (Ex-display area) for the base Retro variation (with wire talked haggles type tires alongside single-channel ABS). The mid-spec Dapper trim of the greater Metro variation is valued at Rs. 1,63,900 (Ex-display area), while the Rebel trim with double tone variety choices is valued at Rs. 1,69,900 (Ex-display area).

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 establishes areas of strength for an as a light, deft and fun bike! The costs simply add to the arrangement, and makes certain to track down takers, both from enthusiasts of Royal Enfield, as well as riders who might not have considered a Royal Enfield up until this point.

royal enfield hunter 350
royal enfield hunter 350



Light, deft and a hoot to ride! That is the means by which the Hunter’s character can be summarized! As a passage level cruiser, the Hunter appears to be legit, and will maybe try and appeal to riders updating from more modest bikes, who, up until this point, didn’t track down an available and somewhat light and lithe roadster in the Royal Enfield family.

The RE Hunter 350 is minimal, looks great, and establishes an extremely certain connection, as Royal Enfield’s generally open model, yet additionally with a degree of value and designing that makes it an elite cruiser.

The Hunter looks great, is constructed well and will surely assist Royal Enfield with speaking to a more extensive crowd, conceivably drawing in a ton of non-Royal Enfield riders into the family. With that in mind, it considers every contingency, except all the more significantly it highlights the new Royal Enfield, as a maker of cruisers which are top notch by their own doing.

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